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Human Popsicles for Christmas

Why yes, yes our RV did freeze to smithereens this week.

Last weekend the water all froze because our propane had run out in the middle of the night. We would have kept a better watch over the propane levels, but my husband was out of town and the kids and I all had fevers over 103.

It’s hard to be smart and use my brain when I’m feverish.

Then my husband got back after picking up our oldest son from Marine training and the next day it froze again because it was too cold even with the propane.

Good thing I have a loving sister with a large house who lives 1/2 hr away.

We have moved in for the week.

It’s gonna be a fabulous Christmas.

So Merry Christmas everyone. I love you all and I hope you survive your Christmas trials whether it is a frozen RV, sickness or feeling alone and forgotten. Remember that Jesus Christ was born and died for all of us. It is a time to celebrate no matter our circumstances.

P.S. I needed a new Winter coat because all of our winter stuff was still in storage in Washington state. I bought the brightest, most conspicuous, happiest coat I could find. We (the coat and I) are best friends now. And after a few eye rolls by my teenagers, I think everyone has come to love my coat.

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