Megan Whitmer writes nonfiction humor for her fellow tribe of worn-out moms. With her husband, she has successfully raised five children, all of whom she has taught to use the bathroom on their own. She once beat her own record of fourteen loads of laundry in one week while also working full-time as a respiratory therapist. Nobody else but her noticed. If you have a mom, are a mom, or someday hope to be a mom, then you should check out her books and signup for her newsletter.



 I was born and raised in Alberta, Canada, by an American mom and a Canadian dad. I am lucky to be a dual citizen and currently live in the United States with my husband and five kids.
My love of books began when I was ten years old. I became hopelessly addicted to reading preteen romance novels (the clean, barely even a kiss ones). My favorite type of story always featured a girl who fell in love with a poor scoundrel of a boy while surviving a historical disaster. I loved reading from that point forward.
In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for me to get grounded from reading my books. My parents would make me turn over my book to them and then force me to go outside and play. Thanks to their adept parenting, I became involved in softball, basketball, cross country running, and volleyball.
But let’s be honest…
I currently do none of these.
Not a single one.
 I woke up the other day and found myself solidly in my middle ages. Everything had recently started to hurt, and I realized that I had become a sports spectator rather than a participant.
But you know what I can still do as a beat-up, falling apart, adult?
That’s right. If Beethoven could write music while deaf, surely I could make music even as my body falls apart like a decrepit Jenga tower.
Music is a large part of my life. I began to play the piano when I was seven and continued lessons through high school. I earned my Grade eight certificate from The Royal Conservatory of Music in Canada. I continued my musical training as an adult by becoming a trained Simply Music Piano teacher. I love to write music and have had over ten songs performed by choirs.
So, you may be wondering, how does this woman earn money in the real world because writing church choir songs and telling funny stories isn’t the best way to afford food and clothing. Well, to be quite honest, I suck snot out of people.
I am a proud respiratory therapist. We became pretty popular during the Covid pandemic when a lot of people found breathing to be painfully complicated.
I found my way into a medical career thanks to my teenage job in the dietary department at a local hospital. After smelling that weird, sterile hospital smell, I knew… I knew I was hooked, and there was no going back.
I received my Associate of Science degree at Ricks College in Rexburg, Idaho. I graduated with my Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy from Weber State University in Ogden, Utah.
One random tidbit about me is my ongoing quarrel with mosquitos. They think my blood tastes excellent. While I agree, I advocate keeping it in my body for as long as possible. The mosquitos are in the process of suing for the right to suck freely. Please do not donate to their go-fund-me.
I love writing. I love finding the right words to describe what has happened or how I feel. I’m glad I have had the opportunity to write books and enjoy the creative process of being an author