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“What is the worst thing you can imagine happening in your life right now? Kidnapped by aliens? Tapeworm infestation? Gaining 200 lbs by eating lettuce?”

“Mom Life Versus the Everyday Apocalypse” takes you on a hilarious journey to answer all of your desperate, child raising, female living questions, while commiserating in a fun way, just how tough motherhood is. After reading this book you will know why parenting is the ultimate gig to prepare you for a zombie apocalypse.

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About Megan

Megan Whitmer writes nonfiction humor for her fellow tribe of worn-out moms. With her husband, she has successfully raised five children, all of whom she has taught to use the bathroom on their own. She once beat her own record of fourteen loads of laundry in one week while also working full-time as a respiratory therapist. Nobody else but her noticed. If you have a mom, are a mom, or someday hope to be a mom, then you should check out her books and signup for her newsletter.

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